Tallinn Viimsi Spa…

Tallinn Viimsi Spa Hotel, Tallinn

Tallinn Viimsi Spa Hotel is located in beautiful Viimsi Parish with rich historic heritage and many beautiful beaches. The spa is just 15 minutes of car ride away from Tallinn city centre and medieval Old Town. A short walk will take you to Haabneeme Beach, Museum of Costal Folk and Viimsi Open Air Museum.

The health center of Viimsi Spa offers a remarkably wide array of therapies from classic mud, water and electric therapy to new rehabilitation possibilities, such as kinesio taping, chiropractic and deep tissue massage. Injuries of supporting structures and organs of movement, post-operative problems, shoulder-neck strain syndrome, radicular pain, post-fracture pain, wear of joints or inflammatory joint pain, asthma and chronic lung diseases are treated. The health center also employs a children’s physiotherapist. Additionally, Tallinn Viimsi Spa Hotel offers spa, wellness, health and medical packages, also for booking online.

The contemporary and luxurious beauty centre offers various high-quality beauty and wellness procedures for all tastes. Treatments vary from relaxing massages to treatments with cosmetic machinery for fast rejuvenating results. The most interesting of treatments are perhaps leech therapy and Gara Ruffa fish pedicure.

Tallinn Viimsi Spa Hotel also has a spa and sauna centre with six different saunas, many pools and whirpool baths, a 1000m2 children’s centre with an ice rink open all year long, a large fitness centre, dental clinic and a clinic for plastic surgery.

Tallinn Viimsi Spa was first opened in 2002, the luxurious spa and sauna centre was opened in 2010.

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Health Tourism Cluster
(Eesti Tervisturismi Ühendus MTÜ)
Reg. no 80322226
Sadama 9/11
Haapsalu 90502

Aire Toffer
Project manager
+372 508 4020